Top Gear is the Second Episode of the First Season of Mark 10.


We Open up to see Ben and Mark fighting Gorven Bug-Lite and Sweet-Eels-Sparklefunk, Ben as Astrodactyl, Mark as Gutrot, Astrodactyl Dodging Laser Blasts from BG AND SES he Flies low Shooting out his Energy Whips strikeing Sweet-Eels-Sparklefunk with them him hitting the ground Bug-Lite still Firing his Laser at Astrodactyl who Fires a Laser Blast from his mouth at Bug-Lite Blowing up the Crate he was standing on him falling and Hitting the his head on the Ground being Knocked out, We switch to Gutrot who is Punched through a Wall by Gorvan him getting up and Charging Gorvan him Uppercutting Gutrot sending through the Roof of the Building and Crashing into the Ground him Timing out as the three Villains Escape, We switch to the Two of them Watching Vulkanus Loading Ben's Car into the Back of his Ship when we see a Flash and Ben and Mark come out, Ben as Cannonbolt, Mark as Articguana, Vulkanus see's this and calls out Gorvan to Handle them Gorvan Charges as Cannonbolt Ram's him sending him Flying into Vulkanus's Warehouse Articguana follows him as Cannonbolt Ram's into Vulkanus who Quickly flee's into his Ship as Articguana is sent Flying out of the Warehouse by Gorvan Cannonbolt Ram's into him again Knocking him out and they both time out Following Vulkanus's ship, We Switch to the two Heroes as the Close in on Vulkanus who comes Flying Through a Building in a jet made from Ben's car Angeried Ben turns into Heatblast and Follows him But is Shot down by Bug-Lite, Mark turns into Jack-O-Flame and Throw Fireballs at Bug-Lite Hitting and Dazing him giving Heatblast the Chance to chase after Vulkanus, Jack-O-Flames makes quick work of Bug-Lite as Gorvan Arrives and hits him from Behind Jack-O-Flame quickly Strikes Back hitting Gorvan in the Stomech and Kicking him off the Building Knocking him out, we then see Ben as Big Chuck holding the jet Vulkanus is in and Slams it into the Ground Picking Vulkanus up and wrapping him up in a Lamp Post, the Plumbers then Arrive and Escort them all the Plumber Jail.

Aliens UsedEdit

By Mark

  • Gutrot
  • Articguana
  • Jack-O-Flame

By Ben

  • Astrodactyl
  • Cannonbolt
  • Heatblast
  • Big Chuck