This is the First Episode of the First Season of The New Avengers.


We open up to New York City and Iron Man fighting Crimson Dynamo, Iron Man fires a Laser beam Crimson Dynamo doing the same, the Beams Colliding and Exploding creating a Shockwave sending them both Flying Crimson Dynamo crashing into a Building, Iron Man catching Himself and Flying over to Dynamo when Titanium Man Lands on top of him when he is Blasted off and Crashes into a Firetruck he looks up to see a large white Robot who he Relizes is Ben Tennyson Transformed into Atomix, Iron Man gets up and stares at Atomix as Crimson Dynamo grabs him and Slams him into the Ground, Atomix Blasts him and Punches him with his Nuclear Fist sending him Flying Through some Buildings and Finally landing in the Park, Titanium Man Charges at Iron Man and Atomix and Punches Atomix and Kicks him, Him sliding Across the Ground, Atomix hits the Omnitrix symbol and Transforms into Humungousaur and Slams his fists down on Titanium Man Breaking his Armor and Defeating him, When Crimson Dynamo blasts Humungousaur from behind Knocking him down, Iron Man Tackles him and is Knocked away, Humungousaur gets up and Grows in Size and Punches Crimson Dynamo creating a Massive Shockwave Destroying Severly Buildings and Crushing Crimson Dynamo under his Fist, he then Detransforms and Iron Man thanks him for his help and asks him Why he came to New York, Ben tells him he is Gathering Members for a Team of Superheroes called The New Avengers and tells him there will be More Villains coming and Offers Iron Man a place in the Team he Accepts and Ben begins to Inform him of Everything as the Episode ends.

Aliens UsedEdit

  • Atomix
  • Humungousaur