New Adventures is the First Episode of the First Season of Mark 10.


The Episode opens to Ben 10,000 tower where a Party is Being Thrown for his son Mark. Mark opens a Gift to find the Omnimatrix Inside it he looks up at his Dad and smiles as the Watch Attachs to his Wrist, Ben: I knew you'd like it, Mark starts Switching through the 10 Different Forms, Mark: Sweet I'm gonna go Test it out. As he Get's Outside he See's Fistrick's Gang fighting Krabb's and Decides to Jump in the Middle of it he Activates the Omnimatrix and slams it down Transforming into Gutrot. Gutrot: Sweet got one of my Favorites in here. Krabb opens Fire on Gutrot him Creating a cloud of Gas to Dodge them Appearing behind Krabb he Throws a Punch hitting Krabb in the back, Leander fires Lasers at Gutrot him having Trouble Dodging them Thumbskull comes up from behind Hitting Gutrot and sending him Flying into a Wall. Gutrot: Dang he Hits hard for a Clown. Thumbskull Throws another punch Gutrot Blocking it and Punching Thumbskull in the Stomech then Uppercutting him sending him Crashing into a Wall Knocking him out Leander Charges at Gutrot him Creating a Gas cloud and Hits Leander from Behind Knocking him out as Well when he Hears a Beeping noise and Red flash Appears as he is Transformed back to Human form, Mark: Stupid Watch worst Timing possible. An Explosion Appears in front of Mark as Ben as Astrodactyl Swoops down and Grabs him. Astrodactyl: Really shouldn't have Tried to Fight them Their a lot Stronger than you Think Mark. Mark: I know but I Thought I could Take them but we Still have to Defeat them Dad. Astrodactyl: Then let's do it Together. END Scene. We see Ben and Mark Watching the two Gangs Fight from an Alley Ben: Alright on the Cound of three we Transform and Charge them One, Two Three! Ben and Charge out Ben Transforms into NRG and Mark Transforms into Jack-O-Flame NRG: You take Fistrick's Group i'll take Krabb's. Jack-O-Flame: Got it Pops.Jack-O-Flame Throws a Fireball at Fistrick him Blocking it and Throwing a Punch at Him Jack-O-Flame Creating a Plant Wall to block it Phasing through it and Punching Fistrick Corvo comes in from behind Spin-Kicking Jack-O-Flame, Jack-O-Flame Digs into the ground and Comes out behind Corvo Wrapping him in Vines he turns seeing NRG Blasting Lasers at Subdora as she turns Invisible and Spin-Kicks him knocking him to the Ground he Changes into Crashocker and Bounces up Landing on top of her Knocking her out Bubble Helmet Fires Lasers at Jack-O-Flame who Throws Fireballs at him Melting his Laser Blaster and Kicking him in the Gut and then Punches him into a Wall Fistina and Liam attack him from behind Liam throwing a Punch as Jack-O-Flame jumps over them Kicking Liam and Knocking him out Fistina Launches her Fists at him him Dodging both and Firing Fireballs at her Hitting her Twice then He Kicks her Knocking her out Thunderpig Slams his Spikeball into Jack-O-Flame him quickly Digging into the Ground and Sending a Plant Wall up Hitting Thunderpig and Sending flying into the air Him Crashing down being Knocked out Bivalvan being the last of his team Hits Jack-O-Flame with a Flurry of Punches Crashocker Electricuting him from Behind having defeated Krabb's whole Gang they are then Take to Plumber jail as both Ben and Mark Revert.

Aliens UsedEdit

By Mark

  • Gutrot
  • Jack-O-Flame

By Ben

  • Astrodactyl
  • NRG
  • Crashocker