End of Peace is the First Episode of the First Saga in Ultimate Dragon Ball.


We open up to see Goku and his Friends Enjoying a day of Relaxation when in Explosion Happens in West City the Team Flying off in that Direction, They land in West City and see Cui, Dodoria, and Zarbon, Standing in the Rubble of half the City, Goku Angered Flies at Cui Punching him hard and Sending him Crashing into a Mountianside, Dodoria Notices Vegeta and flies at him but is Blasted Through the Chest him Crashing into a Building behind Vegeta, Cui Flies at Goku throwing a Punch but Goku grabs his Fist and Knees him in the Gut then Elbows him sending him Crashing Into the Ground, Zarbon terrified tries to Flee but Gohan Appears in front of him and Kicks him in the Gut then hits him with a Flurry of Punches Finishing with a Kamehameha Destroying Zarbon, Cui is then Blown up as well by Vegeta, Goku and the team thank it's over Until they feel a High Power Level quickly Relizing it's Frieza the Team prepare themselves as Frieza Appears in front of them and Spin-Kicks Gohan him Crashing into Krillin them both Slamming into the Ground.